Hey Im Back and New Start

Hey guys been a while since this a blog post as been made i’m going to do blog post at school and at home and where ever i go i will take same picture of it cause i havent done it for a while i’m making this for Club Penguin is back and my youtube and i’m going to do the Holiday Party Cheats or walkthrough or whatever with you want to know more about My Penguin accounts

i Joined Club Penguin In 20 July 2008

My first ever account was called Tesco George then he got Banned forever

My Main Account are Tescogeorge1 And All Fair 10

Youtube Channel    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDdYhHBzuQizBSnQfqXT4sw

Twitter @Tescogeorge1

My first Name is George

that all for now when i see ya in a another blog coming now your later

By Tescogeorge1


new spolier alert ep 21 into the future

this is the new episode off spolier alert ep 21 featuters ninja, karinjitis and megg this week episode is all about the future party there’s no spoiler alert next monday
and its returning 2nd june and heres some seek peeks from it here you go

here is the seek peek of the party


at the party there will be a new mini game to destroy meteors for each meteors destroy for the party



member will be able to transfrom into robos






here is the the newpaper


gary is being the mascots

Screenshot at May 10 20-28-41