Club Penguin New Pin Global Pin

Hey Guys with your looking for the new pin its still here in till 5 May it the biggest pin and a eyesore here a Picture or screenshot

Look at it its too big it should be in the sky

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 19.20.15.png Here me Collecting the pin

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 19.20.21

so there we go that it in till May 5 when club Penguin Updated once again

See you guys in the Next Blog post

Tesco george out


Im Back

Hey Peeps im back from the Unknown i been Move house so that why i havent been blogging  i got a Lot of Catching up today

here the list

Pins and Newspaper move Bi Weekly Every two weeks

Penguin Of the Week

Wilderness Party

Global Pin

Sam the Sasquatch Meet up times

Zootopia Party Announcement

Project Super Secret Meet the Band

and i hope you see my Videos coming up and there a Party inventions coming this may with Zootopia

see again in a next blog Post

Tesco George out